colloquium spectroscopicum
internationale XXXIX

30 August - 3 September

Figueira da Foz, Coimbra, PORTUGAL

Scientific Program

The program will consist of Plenary sessions with invited lectures (35 min, including discussion) from distinguished scientists, oral presentations (20 min including discussion) and posters contributions. The invited talks will be chosen to review the status and the recent advances in the different areas.

The workshop topics are listed at the bottom of the Home page. They will be refined with the abstract subjects submitted.

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Invited Speakers

Randolf Pohl, Germany: Laser Spectroscopy - Opening Session

Alfredo Sanz Medel, Spain: CSI Award

Zezzi Arruda, Brazil: Speciation Analysis

JJ Gomez Cadenas, Spain: Nuclear Techniques-γ Spectroscopy

Koen Janssens, Belgium: Archaeometry and Cultural Heritage

Emilia Bramanti, Italy: Hyphenated Techniques - protein determination and characterization

Iryna Doroshenko, Ukraine: Molecular Spectroscopy

Jose M. Costa-Fernandez, Spain: Miniaturization and Nanotechnology

Gary Hieftje, USA: Plasma Spectroscopy

Luo Liqiang, China: X-ray Spectrometry

Patrick J. Parsons, USA: Inorganic Mass Spectrometry techniques for environmental health sciences

Patricia Smichowski, Argentina: Environmental and Geochemical Analysis

György Tarczay, Hungary: Raman Spectroscopy

Barbara Wagner, Poland: Cultural Heritage

Keynote Lectures

Ewa Bulska, Poland: Biological and chemical investigation towards complementary information about biological systems

Jiri Dedina, Czech Republic: Volatile species generation and atomization for AAS and AFS

Alexander A. Kamnev, Russia: Nuclear techniques (Mossbauer Spectroscopy)

Alessandro D'Ulivo, Italy: Vapor generation techniques

René Van Grieken, Belgium: Preventive Conservation

Jun Kawai, Japan: Sampling problem in forensic analysis

Ryszard Lobinski, France: "Hard" Vs. "soft" ionization techniques for the MS analysis of metal and metalloid species in biological matrices

Bernhard Welz, Brazil: High-resolution Graphite Furnace Molecular Absorption Spectrometry

Margaretha De Loos, Belgium: A study of carbon, sulfur and phosphorus related matrix effects in inductively coupled plasma - Atomic Emission and Mass Spectrometry

Yngvar Thomassen, Norway: Innovative and analytical approaches in exposomic for chemical and morphological characterisation of work-room aerosols metrology

Robert McCrindle, South Africa: Use of field portable XRF for rapid identification of environmental hazards

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